The wines

Blanc dels Aspres

Barrel-aged white

Varieties of grape:
White Lledoner

This small family-run winery, located in the northernmost municipality of DO Empordà, is characterised by a production of unique wines mainly from native grape varieties grown in own vineyards.

Size of estate: 31 ha
Grape varieties: Grenache blanc, Grenache noir, Samson, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot
Types of wine: white, rosé, red and sweet
Brands: Blanc dels Aspres, Negre dels Aspres, Oriol, S’Alou, Vi de Panses and Bac de les Ginesteres

Vins del celler

  • Oriol Blanc
  • Oriol Rosat
  • Oriol Negre
  • Xot Blanc
  • Xot Negre
  • Negre dels Aspres
  • Istiu
  • Soques
  • S'Alou
  • Vi de Panses
  • Bac de les Ginesteres
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