The figures

Covering an area of around 2,000 hectares, the average production of the area is 65,000 hl. Red wines make up around 60% of this total, rosé wines 17%, and white wines 19%; the remaining 4% is taken up by sweet wines (from Garnacha and Muscat grapes). Of the authorised wine production in the DO area, around 6 million bottles are sold every year.

The external market is more variable. Empordà wines are currently being introduced into new markets; around 15% of production is exported, mainly to Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Holland, Norway, the UK, Belgium and Denmark.

Current Figures

  • Area under vine: 1.827 Ha
  • Number of vine growers: 262
  • Number of bodegas: 51
  • Number of winemaking bodegas: 49
  • Number of bottling bodegas: 50
  • Total yield 2022: 56.848 Hl
  • DO protected area wine yield 2022: 50.758 Hl
  • Bottled wine sales 2022: 45.130 Hl
  • Bottled wine export sales 2022: 2.874 Hl

History (PDF)

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