The wines



Varieties of grape:
Muscat à petits grains

Family-run winery with a long tradition of growing grapes and producing wines. Surrounded by its own vineyards, the modern, functional premises have a large underground cellar where the wines are aged.

Size of estate: 80 ha
Grape varieties: Grenache noir, Grenache blanc, Grenache gris, Macabeo, Muscat, Samson, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
Types of wine: white, rosé, red and sweet
Brands: Butarós, Emporion, Rhodes, Cercium, Nívia, Àuria, Maragda and Singulars

Vins del celler

  • Garnatxa d'Empordà Solera
  • Maragda Rosat
  • Maragda Negre
  • Nívia
  • Singulars Garnatxa Roja
  • Singulars Vinyes Velles
  • Cercium
  • Emporion
  • Butarós
  • Dolç Moscat
  • Garnatxa d'Empordà Ambre
  • Maragda Blanc
  • Rhodes
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