The wines


Barrel-aged red

Varieties of grape:
Red Grenache

The aim of Cellers d'en Guilla, a new winery located in the Delfià district of Rabós d'Empordà, is to make limited productions of new wines using grapes from vintage vines.

Size of estate: 10 ha
Grape varieties: Grenache blanc, Grenache noir, Grenache gris, Macabeo and Samson noir
Types of wine: white, rosé, red and sweet
Brands: Magenc, Edith, Rec de Brau, Vinya del Metge, Bruel, Garnatxa dolça and Sol i Serena de Damigiana

Vins del celler

  • Magenc
  • Edith
  • Vinya del Metge
  • El Guillat
  • Rec de Brau
  • Sa Illa
  • Garnatxa dels cellers d'en Guilla
  • Sol i Serena de damigiana
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