The wines

Finca Olivardots Groc d'Àmfora


Varieties of grape:
White Grenache
Grey Grenache

Established in 2006 and surrounded by a 4-hectare vineyard, the winery was designed on two levels to avail of gravity. The constant temperatures and humidity in the lower chamber favour the aging of the wine in French oak barrels.

Size of estate: 10 ha
Grape varieties: white Grenache, grey Grenache, red Grenache, white Carignan, grey Carignan, red Carignan, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon
Types of wine: white, rosé and red
Brands: Finca Olivardots, Gresa and Vd’O

Vins del celler

  • Finca Olivardots Rosat d'Àmfora
  • Finca Olivardots Vermell
  • Blanc de Gresa
  • Gresa
  • Vd'O 1.12
  • Vd'O 7.17
  • Vd'O 2.12
  • Vd'O 3.15
  • Vd'O 5.15
  • Vd'O 6.17
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